Hey, It’s 2016!

New year

Yes, It is. 2. 0. 1. 6.!!!  Time sure flies when you’re having fun, right? 😉

First of all, let me all greet you a Happy Happy New Year! Cheers! Second of all, let’s all greet 2016 with a grateful and hoping heart!

This past year was one hell of a roller coaster ride. I believe it’s the same for everyone else. We all share a common thing or two – we all have at least one common experience – may it be landing a new job, falling in love [again] [and oh, by the way with same person as last year] *Damn our hearts*, unforgettable trips and celebration with your buddies, getting into arguments or fights with your loved ones, and so much more.

I just know that we have gone through a lot of downs in the past year but I’m sure as heck that we had more up, crazy-good, and unforgettable moments.

I am proud and humbled that we were all able to surpassed and lived through 2015. We may have failed at a couple of things, maybe tons of things last year. But hey, that’s what 2016 is for – to right the wrong, to learn from the past mistakes, and ultimately use it in the present for the benefit of now and of course, the future. 

That’s why let us all do our best in making 2016 as the best year of our lives. Let’s all strive to do better. To be better. Let’s always seize every moment, my dear friend!

Here’s to more crazy, fun-filled, and blessed year!


Ardent Wayfarer

12468291_1104590989554138_485982467_n.jpgPS. CARPE DIEM

PPS. Excuse my selfie. By the way, a fun and cool trivia – According to Filipino Superstitions, wearing any polka-dotted clothe will bring prosperity for the coming year. No harm in believing your old folks’ sayings. 🙂 Again, Happy New Year! All the best this 2016

A fresh inception

Hello there!

I have decided to start anew here in wordpress. I have deleted my old account.

If you know my current situation, you would understand as to why I am doing this. For now, I would like to express my genuine happiness for being able to write again. I maybe not be a good writer, but i always wanted to be one. It has always been a dream of mine. A fantasy that I’ll somehow be able to achieve, thanks to wordpress, and other social medias – that enable its users to express their thoughts and feelings anytime, anywhere.

This new venture of making moments happen, sharing stories online, and posting photos, is an avenue for me to able to release – release feelings that i often bury deep within my heart, release my opinions that I often put to rest on the depths of my mind and ultimately, to release personal stories or experiences that might inspire others. Or maybe, I just have to release some things, sometimes for no particular reason. I am just a human being after all.

Now, Cheers for what’s to come and let us all have a better tomorrow!

PS. I will right about my current circumstances, soon.

Thank you, my dear reader.

Love always,