The Beauty of Passing Time

The photo I featured in this post reminded me of one thing, which I know is vital and everyone should be aware of.

Time, as what most people would say, is the most common and valuable resource we have. And with every passing time, we aged. With every passing time, we face challenges that we may or may not overcome. With every passing time, we experience either a singular or mixed emotions. With every passing time is a second you can never get back just like what Benjamin Franklin Said “Lost time is never found again”. That is why most people would advice, that you live everything to the fullest, live a life with no regrets, and so on. But in reality, you’re just a human being, all your actions cannot guarantee happiness. With every time on the palm of your hand slowly fading away, you should really be careful, they say. But think of it this way, What would happen to all of us, if we are that aware of the preciousness of time, would rather stay up all night than get enough sleep that your body needs?

In my opinion, we can never really get the most out of our time without sacrificing one over the other – I am pertaining to our needs and wants. You can maybe live to the fullest, seizing every moment but you’ll be choosing your want over your need, or the other way around in the process. Losing things, giving up, the extremities of being above and below, being trapped, overjoyed, deeply saddened, and many more circumstances and feelings, are all part of living. The beauty of a being human/e is deeply rooted with its vulnerability.

And in the midst of seizing every moment or being wasted as hell, You never loose your purpose. Time may pass as fast as you could snap your thumb, or as slow as you get a math joke, but your purpose in life will never ceased to exist. Just like that tree, that still stands proud and tall after facing extreme weather, serving its purpose to release the oxygen we need, and/or that chair that is enveloped with rust and some of its coating peeled off but still, it serves its purpose as a rest place for a tired traveler. That tree and chair still have their purpose as we you read this post. And by now, I believe you know what’s your purpose.

Our purpose.

That is to livelive as a human, embracing our flaws and imperfections, seizing all what you need and doing your best to achieve what you want.

Love always,