An Endless Chase

Baler Philippines

We tend to look for comfort in the midst of a bustling environment. Well, I did anyways. I suddenly had an urge to look for tranquility.

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In my current situation – A peaceful mind and a serene environment is what I long for. I aimlessly chase what seemed to be an impossible journey. Especially today, wherein we lived in a world where everyone tends to multi-task and be haunted by their busy schedules. Before coming back from japan, I prayed and hoped for a good vacation this year. Then, the universe conspired – lo and behold, this year’s summer was (and is still) different.


A jump start to my awesome journey was a trip to the “Queen City of the South”, which holds a very dear place of my heart as I started my young adult life there – when I just graduated from college, followed by small trips up north in Luzon and visited beautiful places such as Bataan, Pampanga, and Subic. And sandwiched in between these short excursions are the most unforgettable ones – my beach spree that started from Zambales, Boracay, to Borawan and finally to Baler.


And in those I trips, I found my tranquility – the elegance of the sun setting by the seas, mountains and trees. Sunsets for me, have these unparalleled beauty. They might depict an ending but it also signals the start, the start of a beautiful and sometimes starry night. The colors of the sky is what I liked the most. The different shades of red. The bold and light colors slowly forming what seemed to be a hombre sky. I always look above and beyond. I wonder. I contemplate. I am amazed. Always in awe of Mother Nature’s sophistication.

Puting Buhangin, 2015


I will forever hold it dear in my heart, this adventure that began on a simple thirst of peace shall now be considered an endless chase.

Subic, 2015
Baguio, 2015

Journeying to the Unknown

Undeniably, our world – earth, is vast. There are a  hundreds of emotions to feel, thousands of places to explore, millions of things to experience, and billions of people to meet. Imagine doing all those in one life. Impossible, right?

Now, picture all the places around you. Picture all the things, around you, you have yet to experience. Think of all the emotions you want/ed to feel. And, see all those people surrounding you and those you know that you wanted to meet. Imagine doing those in one life. Doable, yes? How long? Maybe 10-20 years or more, or less.

After which what are you going to do? What’s on the other side of your comfort zone? How about those other emotions you have yet to feel, places you haven’t seen, and the things and people you haven’t seen or even met?

The irony of life. It offers so much, yet gives so little.

That is why, as what most people would say or advice, we all just have to make the most of everything we have. Whether huge or small, we should savor every moment and enjoy everything while it lasts, so eventually, you’ll have something to remember and share. You just have to balance the ratio between your dreams and expectations. For remember this, a particular traveler may have traveled thousands of miles across the globe and experienced a dozen of stuff already and still isn’t satisfied. While on the other hand, another traveler may have only been to a place or two and be fulfilled as if he had been to everywhere before.

In my opinion, for you to be able to seize our vast world in the best possible way is that – one should muster enough courage and have a strong faith to be able to journey into the unknown, to eventually meet people of different culture, experience priceless moments, feel the untapped emotions, and ultimately be to places you’ve been dreaming of or never imagined to be traveling in to.

So my dear friend – Here’s to the future expeditions.

Cheers for the unknown people, feelings and experiences you will eventually get to meet, feel and do.

Love always,


Bros for Life

Graduation Photo

“Vision in his mind, applied by his hand, with a slice of his heart”

is the very maxim that this gallant prodigious artist lives by. This diligent visionary goes by the name of Louise Ivan Valencia Payawal, my dear brother, who was born on June 23, 1994. This perceptive “chinito” guy spearheaded a startup in his department, famously known as Apollo, that would eventually bring honor and glory not only to himself but to the university as well.

My dear brother is known to be a tender and blithesome consistent academic scholar of his college. He received numerous awards such as IT Excellence award, Champion of NSEC, and so much more.

I am just proud of this kid. He had a peculiar journey, been through a lot – He experienced rejection at its finest and tasted the sweetest of victories. He have come a long way and He’s truly a changed man, who’s ready to conquer the world, anytime.

Ultimately, I idolize him for striking the right balance between studies and pleasures.

Kudos, Bro! PTreat me a burger, will ya? And please, Never ever scold me again (:P)

PS. Cosplay level 3 [as kabuto] and I can’t move on, Supposedly with honors(Magna) but ‘coz of some revised school rules, aghh, Nvm. >.<

High Hopes

Osaka Japan

I have been always a dreamer. Not just for myself, but for my family, friends and country as well.

I have high hopes for everyone and everything – for a better tomorrow and a brighter future. I believe it is important to dream – and dreaming for me is having a goal, a vision and a mission. Dreaming, i think is the fuel of life. It is what most of the time makes people live to the fullest. It (dreaming) enables a person to push the boundaries of oneself and conquer challenges, which makes them a better person. Ultimately, dreaming exists because of love. You love yourself that’s why you wanted to achieve great things, you love your family that is why you want what’s best for them, same goes with your friend, and your country as well. You always dream for good things. One never dreams for a bad thing for that is not a dream but a nightmare, that everyone avoids.

And one should never forget that when dreaming, one should be doing. As William Shakespeare once said “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves”  We can dictate whatever happens to us. We have the power to choose. Choose to do good and be good. Choose to dream better and bigger. Or we can choose the other way around. We have a universal key in our hands, with the guidance and strength of our faith, all we have to do is choose the right door. And by doing so, it will lead us to the right path, to the right dream – Our dream, which often sleeps, in the deepest parts of our hearts.

So, my dear friend – Dream as big as you can. Do everything as hard and great as you can. And believe and have faith, always.

Love always,