To find serenity in the middle of a raging storm. To find a needle in a stack of hay. To see the light in the dark. To find happiness amidst trials and problems. Such is the task of finding contentment in this egotistical and materialistic world of ours.

Now a days, most of us would hunger for approval. Many would thirst for compliments. And the rest would probably satiate their contentment through monetary and extravagant things. A problem, I fear, is so rampant and normal. Our society tends to overlook this culture of materialistic contentment, making it worst – each passing month or year.

I believe the root problem is that people don’t realise how blessed or just how much they have compared to others. We should always try and look at the bigger picture. I am not saying that we should always compare ourselves to others but let us try to be aware of them. Let us look and observe. Let us check on how little do they need to survive and how are they able to put those genuine smiles on their faces. Afterwards, try assessing yourself, your standards. Do you really need that much? Do you really want this stuff? Let us contemplate on the things we have observed.

Now,  I think we are face with a question which is what do we do to end this vicious cycle? The answer and solution lies in our hands. As cliche as this may sound, we are the solution to this seemingly pitiless hunger of empty contentment. By trying to look at things differently, by trying to appreciate the smallest of things or acts done to us, can we only find genuine contentment that would satisfy our very soul for the longest of time. If there’s one thing I learned so far in this life, it’s that – We can only feel truly contented when we were able to give ourselves fully to others.