An Endless Chase

Baler Philippines

We tend to look for comfort in the midst of a bustling environment. Well, I did anyways. I suddenly had an urge to look for tranquility.

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In my current situation – A peaceful mind and a serene environment is what I long for. I aimlessly chase what seemed to be an impossible journey. Especially today, wherein we lived in a world where everyone tends to multi-task and be haunted by their busy schedules. Before coming back from japan, I prayed and hoped for a good vacation this year. Then, the universe conspired – lo and behold, this year’s summer was (and is still) different.


A jump start to my awesome journey was a trip to the “Queen City of the South”, which holds a very dear place of my heart as I started my young adult life there – when I just graduated from college, followed by small trips up north in Luzon and visited beautiful places such as Bataan, Pampanga, and Subic. And sandwiched in between these short excursions are the most unforgettable ones – my beach spree that started from Zambales, Boracay, to Borawan and finally to Baler.


And in those I trips, I found my tranquility – the elegance of the sun setting by the seas, mountains and trees. Sunsets for me, have these unparalleled beauty. They might depict an ending but it also signals the start, the start of a beautiful and sometimes starry night. The colors of the sky is what I liked the most. The different shades of red. The bold and light colors slowly forming what seemed to be a hombre sky. I always look above and beyond. I wonder. I contemplate. I am amazed. Always in awe of Mother Nature’s sophistication.

Puting Buhangin, 2015


I will forever hold it dear in my heart, this adventure that began on a simple thirst of peace shall now be considered an endless chase.

Subic, 2015
Baguio, 2015

Bros for Life

Graduation Photo

“Vision in his mind, applied by his hand, with a slice of his heart”

is the very maxim that this gallant prodigious artist lives by. This diligent visionary goes by the name of Louise Ivan Valencia Payawal, my dear brother, who was born on June 23, 1994. This perceptive “chinito” guy spearheaded a startup in his department, famously known as Apollo, that would eventually bring honor and glory not only to himself but to the university as well.

My dear brother is known to be a tender and blithesome consistent academic scholar of his college. He received numerous awards such as IT Excellence award, Champion of NSEC, and so much more.

I am just proud of this kid. He had a peculiar journey, been through a lot – He experienced rejection at its finest and tasted the sweetest of victories. He have come a long way and He’s truly a changed man, who’s ready to conquer the world, anytime.

Ultimately, I idolize him for striking the right balance between studies and pleasures.

Kudos, Bro! PTreat me a burger, will ya? And please, Never ever scold me again (:P)

PS. Cosplay level 3 [as kabuto] and I can’t move on, Supposedly with honors(Magna) but ‘coz of some revised school rules, aghh, Nvm. >.<