La Boracay 2015 - Ardent Wayfarer

A virtual space;
A sanctum of thoughts.
Full of moments to be shared,
and stories to be told.
Sharing a piece of myself;
Baring my heart and my soul.
Constantly mustering courage
for publishing these thoughts.
Putting myself out there,
Hoping to be heard and inspire others.
Trying my best to be authentic.
So this space may sometimes be full of antics.
Now a little bit about me,
A simple young man trying to be free.
Free of these world’s restrictions.
Free of these time’s afflictions.
Free of these indifferent emotions.
And definitely free from my own limitations.
I smile. I cry.
I hide. I flaunt.
I lust. and I love.
I am the random author of this random blog.
A random man, who’s trying his luck.
Moving to a new city,
in a different country,
in the opposite side of the world.
Adjusting to new norms and culture.
Working hard, molding that dear future.
That’s why..
Every now and then,
I miss the Philippines.
I miss the place I grew up in.
I miss the food I usually eat.
I miss the people I usually hangout with.
I miss my family.
I miss home.
This random author
Who loves the great outdoors
and equally enjoys good old fashion indoors.
Sometimes spontaneous.
Sometimes planned.
Taking baby steps moving forward.
But most of the time,
finds myself taking a step back.
I don’t even know what this is,
but please let me say this,
Thank you!
Thank you for reading the musings
of a random sunset-loving man.
And remember, most of the time I feel lazy,
that’s why I won’t be able to post constantly.
But when I do,
I sure hope you enjoy it too.