Layovers are Awesome!

Marina Bay Sands

Have you ever had a layover for more than 4 hours in a city or a country you’ve never visited before? Don’t you think it’d be exciting to see a new city for a few hours? It’ll be like a trailer of a movie. You get a glimpse of place and find out if it piques your interest or not? 

That’s exactly what happened to us. My family and I were planning a vacation to the vibrant city of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. I was the one in charge of purchasing the plane tickets. As I browse through the available ones, I found out that there’s a connecting flight available and the stopover was at Singapore. Funny how fate works. I’ve never been there and my friends and family have always told me to visit the place, if ever I get the chance. And I believe that this was the opportunity I was waiting for. 

Without any second thought, along with my whole family, I bought the plane tickets which would give us roughly around 12 hours in Singapore! Oh, Exciting times ahead!


Now, considering that I am flying out with family, I’ve taken into account that they might not like walking around for that long. Therefore, I booked a room for them to rest, while waiting for the connecting flight. And my intuition was definitely right! 

LRG_DSC03979 2

Once landed, we walked around the city for four hours. Exploring Singapore – the tourist attractions, food, shopping, and so much more! And what a perfect time because the Crazy Rich Asian film was just released and this was where they filmed the entire thing! 


After which, they retired and went back to the Hotel. I myself, decided that there’s so much more to see and was left behind. For another 4 hours, I strolled around the city. Found myself lost in front of the Marina Bay Sands as well as the Gardens by the bay where I saw this humungous Supertrees! Oh what a sight to behold. 


It was by far the best layover I’ve had! A solid 8 hours of happiness! It wasn’t definitely enough to enjoy Singapore but I’ll surely comeback. And next time, it’ll be a proper vacation, not just a layover 😉

I therefore encourage you to do the same, if ever you find yourself waiting in the airport with a few hours to spare before your connecting flight, why not enjoy the city you’re currently at? 🙂 

Ardent Wayfarer

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