High Hopes

Osaka Japan

I have been always a dreamer. Not just for myself, but for my family, friends and country as well.

I have high hopes for everyone and everything – for a better tomorrow and a brighter future. I believe it is important to dream – and dreaming for me is having a goal, a vision and a mission. Dreaming, i think is the fuel of life. It is what most of the time makes people live to the fullest. It (dreaming) enables a person to push the boundaries of oneself and conquer challenges, which makes them a better person. Ultimately, dreaming exists because of love. You love yourself that’s why you wanted to achieve great things, you love your family that is why you want what’s best for them, same goes with your friend, and your country as well. You always dream for good things. One never dreams for a bad thing for that is not a dream but a nightmare, that everyone avoids.

And one should never forget that when dreaming, one should be doing. As William Shakespeare once said “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves”  We can dictate whatever happens to us. We have the power to choose. Choose to do good and be good. Choose to dream better and bigger. Or we can choose the other way around. We have a universal key in our hands, with the guidance and strength of our faith, all we have to do is choose the right door. And by doing so, it will lead us to the right path, to the right dream – Our dream, which often sleeps, in the deepest parts of our hearts.

So, my dear friend – Dream as big as you can. Do everything as hard and great as you can. And believe and have faith, always.

Love always,


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